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FOOLING THE BRAIN - PART 2 — Chapter 14 — sample page

Part 2 covers ways to fool your viewers brains and catalogues the ways of making them see more detail than actually exists - and many more essential tricks...

Fooling The Brain catalogues the many ways of fooling viewrs of your work into seeing more detail than acrually exists - and many more tricks.
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This book, of over two hundred and eighty pages, is packed full of tips, tricks, help, advice and demonstrations that will make it hard to put down. It really is a must-have book for both the novice and experienced artists alike and is well worth every penny. So many aspects of drawing and drawing techniques are covered that it is impossible to mention everything here. It is not only the only drawing book you will ever need it is also a treasure to hold, read, keep and thoroughly enjoy for the rest of your life.
Edith Harris

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