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Superb prints of dogs, cats and other subjects. Limited and Open edition collections. Graphite specialist.
Artists tutorials.
Independent Authors is a group created by and for Independent Authors whose goal is to create a successful network of like authors to exalt their talent and promote their books. If you're serious about making your book a success, and you're willing to work with a diverse group of people then join us.
Shervene is an Author with a style all her own. This inspiring new talent, shakes things up with her unique yet stylish works. A bold young artist, whose writings will entertain us, for years to come. Her works are timeless and limitless, so 'Nothing is left out, and 'Everything' we thought we had read about is included and more!
Free Starving Artists 2 art galleries or a personal Starving Artists subscription gallery - a web presence without any of the work!

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