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by Mike Sibley

What a book! It only took me 3 hours to put it down - that's only because I realised that my coffee was stone-cold!!
This book will generate a whole generation of artists, and they'll be able to draw too. Anyone who is thinking of buying this book, should bite-the-bullet and purchase it. I've been drawing and painting for over 25 years and this book is without equal, nothing I've ever read, viewed or dreamed about comes close.
Tom Henderson - ArtPapa forum

This book is probably the second most expensive book I have purchased, however it has to be the best value art book dollar for dollar that I have ever bought. Finally someone has written a book that covers in detail the procedures used to achieve certain effects, without using the publication only as a showcase for their work.
Bevan Badcott

Mike didn't just write a book to show you how to apply graphite to paper, but instead took a much more involved and informative approach of showing you the drawing process as it really matters... namely, how to approach a subject and deconstruct it into components that you can understand and render. I am reading and then re-reading every few chapters and I learn something new each time. Great stuff!
Rich Adams

I recommend 'Drawing from Line to Life' to anyone interested in realist drawing techniques. It contains a wealth of information that you simply won't find anywhere else. I think it would best suit someone who has been drawing for a little while, but that said, if a beginner can get their teeth into this book, they'll make great progress.
Helen South - DrawSketch guide, About.com — Read full review

I wish to express a sincere thank you for the most wonderful drawing book ever written… you have a unique writing style that takes art instruction books to a new level. In the 3 months I've been working with your techniques my drawing skills have improved by leaps and bounds and I have a confidence in my drawing abilities I've never had before.
Ed Anderson

Your book is the most complete presentation of your ideas and techniques applied to Art that I have ever seen published. It is number one. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of the world.
Steve Chapman

I just received your book and am ecstatic over how wonderful it is. I'm an over-the-top collector of art instruction books, so I have lots to compare it to and yours is so incredible I actually clutched it to my heart after rapidly scanning it several times. An amazing book! Thanks so much for sharing your talents and skills and for being so generous and thoughtful with the instructions.
Vicki Fortuno

Your book is excellent! It has exceeded all of my expectations. I work for myself as a graphic designer and I have always loved drawing but never knew it was possible to achieve such amazing results. I will definitely be able to improve my technique by reading your book and by looking at your amazing work.
Jonathan Hayward

This book is the best investment I have ever made. For the most part I am a self taught artist with some schooling here and there. I am now on Chapter 13, Light and Shadows, which I have known to add to a drawing but never could bring a logical order to it. I have always had trouble simplifying photos but now I look at a photo and make a drawing out of it. Your not only a gifted artist but teacher too.
Deb Zier

My heart is pounding. My head is spinning. I even have the happiest tears slowly trekking down my cheek. I flipped through it and paused here and there. It is as beautiful and thorough as everyone says. Never thought I’d be so excited over a book. I have shelves of drawing and painting books... there are no comparisons!
Shelley DeWayne

I'm a museum docent at the Museum of Fine Arts and have had years of training about studying art. The one thing I try to impress on people is to really see the work and feel into the artist's soul. Mike's book is all about reaching into his and the subjects' soul. He teaches in this book to really look at things in black and white. It is the best spent money you will ever spend. The lessons in this book are endless. I desperately need the art techniques part but he has reinforced and reminded me how important it is to SEE and FEEL.
Karen Cloud

I received your excellent book today. The quality is phenomenal. I really love it. Your attention to details is magnificent and I don't think I will ever need any other books after looking through this one. VERY SUPER JOB!!
Christine Morton

Just opening the book has me so inspired to go pick up a pencil! It's bigger than I thought it would be, great quality, wonderful design. Those of you who haven't gotten yours yet, you will NOT be disappointed. AWESOME JOB!
Dee Dee Murry

Your book has surpassed my expectations by a mile. The illustrations alone are something I will not tire of looking at, but when coupled with the information and advice, it is the best art book I have owned, and believe me I own a lot. You have really given me a burning desire to put some of your methods into practice.
Gayle Mason

I really felt that my artwork had stalled these last few months. I am rejunvenated by reading your book and I'm only on page 77!!!! This is by far the BEST artbook I have EVER purchased! (And I have at least 50 of them sitting on my shelf).
Diane Wright

When I first found out it was going to be $60.00 US, I thought that sounded like a lot. But looking at your book, the quality of the pages and the artwork printed on it, and how much time, effort, and organization have all gone into the book...it's worth a LOT more than that per copy. There is so much valuable information in it. If only other art books could be half as informative! I have bought so many other art books and been so disappointed because they only brushed on the basic ideas that I already knew. I will actually learn something from your book!
Bethany Kerr

Congrats on the book..finally a decent instructional drawing book from someone who can actually draw! I must say it's tremendously refreshing that you divulge all your knowledge to those who visit your site.
Giles Illsley

Thank you. It's brilliant! I love the layout - the blank spaces on the pages make it less overpowering and the "snippets" in the margins make compelling reading. As does the whole - started reading from the begining last night and couldn't put it down - I love the light hearted, personal approach to the subject.
Jill Stott

There are any number of beginners books out there - many of which I have read - but yours covers basic techniques and goes far beyond to give insight to more experienced artists. You clearly explain everything along with your reasoning, which is invaluable. The book has so much information that repeated readings will not only be worthwhile, but a pleasure. Your book should be on every artist's reference shelf.
Ken Brown

Your book has taught me more about the humble graphite medium in these few pages than I learned in college level art classes, semi-private sketching and drawing classes, and any other book I have in my library.
Hazel Colburn

I received your book a few days ago and it is the most thorough book on graphite drawing that I have ever read and probably will be the only one I will ever need…I wanted to thank you for not only writing a technique book, but one that also incorporates the things that go into making a good drawing - research, emotions and so on...
Tina Mason

— and about Mike Sibley's online tutorials and work...

Your work is truly superb, I refer to it constantly as a source of inspiration and a guide to help me keep practising. It was your site that introduced me to the wonders of blu tack for something other than hanging paper on the wall and paper stumps which I was unaware even existed. Your tutorials are excellent and have helped me enormously.
Fiona McKinney

I am amazed and inspired. I just keep going back and looking and looking. Even though I've studied just about everything on your website, your work continues to amaze me. Your attention to detail transforms your work into something more than just a drawing. It takes on a life of its own. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. You are definitely helping me to become a better artist.
Bill Johnson - ArtPapa.com forum

By the way, to everyone who has suggested looking at Mike's site and reading the tutorials I have. Heck I've printed them all out and read them several times, better than any book I've bought so far.
'Skip' - ArtPapa.com forum

You are an amazing artist with the pencils. You give such honor to this medium of graphite and charcoal. It makes me so proud to show your work to others and say see this....this is my passion!!!!!!! To be able to come anywhere even on the same planet with this kind of talent would just thrill me. There are so many people that say "Oh an artist.... with pencil drawings?" And they are not impressed at all with the images they must conjuring up in their minds about what that means and then I show them your works and they are blown away!!!!!
'Dontay' - ArtPapa.com forum

About my second week into my high school drawing class this year, I had the students spend near half their class looking over your site, reading over your erasure techique with the putty, etc; very cool and inspiring!!! Nice to point such impressionable moldable minds to such sites of work holding to high standards, yet humble enough to give of yourself and share techniques and the sort. Thanks guy!!! Very very cool.....
Larry Seiler

Without trying to sound like a broken record I cannot express my amazement with your work. I am hoping you will come out with a book!!! I gotta get one!!!!! You are an excellent teacher.
Donna - ArtPapa.com forum

I was directed to your web page and it's simply fantastic. Beautifully done subjects combined with "studio tips" - enough to motivate those of us who are amatuers! Thank you !
Walt Keating, Fla

Graphite drawing has always been my passion; I feel there is something very unique and special in this art, especially when it is taken to the level of your work. Your work is in a class of it's on. You have inspired me to pick up the pencil once again.
Charles Jennings

You know there are some artists who act as if they are above others just because their work is phenomenal, your work is above phenomenal and you have remained true to yourself. Despite your success and talent you are a very generous person, especially with your time. Thank you so much for taking the time to assist those of us who are just starting to get the courage to venture out and show our souls on paper.You are a blessing!!
Heidi Scarfone

I stumbled upon your web page, and boy, am I ever glad! Your tips pages are incredibly helpful to a "yet beginning" artist like myself, and I certainly appreciate the time you've taken to help others. Your art is just amazing. I don't believe I've ever seen such detail, and you bring to life so many simple, daily views.
Deb Howard-Rauls

Your site is awesome! I appreciate so much the your extraordinary talent, and the gift you have given me by making available your Studio Tips is immeasurable. I can't thank you enough for all the time and effort that went into making the information on your web site obtainable.
Loraine Cartwright

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