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FOOLING THE BRAIN - PART 1 — Chapter 9 — sample page

Part 1 covers ways to fool your brain. Includes using Negative Space and other methods to see and draw what is really there, and how to fool your brain into letting its creative side work free of conscious intervention - setting your mind free for maximum creativity. How to 'see' and avoid symbol drawing, dividing your drawing into manageable sections, applying logic to solve problems, and more...

How to set your mind free for maximum artistic creativity
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I was worried about the price at first but once I got the book I realized... it is worth much more than what is charged for it! There is so much in-depth information on drawing...you'll never need another drawing book again. Mike doesn't leave ANYTHING out. Everything is covered, in my opinion...you just have to see to believe.
Bethany Kerr

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